A Woman Knows Her Place (3:03)
In Perpetual Motion* (4:29)
Director: Krystle Wright
Female Director, Producer

Surfers and free divers know well those dark, lung-searing seconds waiting to surface after a wave has pinned you to the ocean floor. It can feel like an eternity. In those underwater minutes, Australian adventure photographer Krystle Wright envisions herself in a desert with roiling grey skies and bootpacking a snowy ridgeline, her trusty Canon capturing the stunning dreamscapes. Vivid and ethereal, In Perpetual Motion is about the remarkable beauty revealed when time stands still for just a moment.
La Cumbre* (11:47)
Director: Dana Romanoff
Female Director, Producer

La Cumbre unveils the reality of what it means to live as an amputee in the developing world. In
partnership with the Range of Motion Project, we join world-class mountaineer and wounded
warrior Chad Jukes on a heartfelt journey to shed light on a public health issue affecting
amputees worldwide. 80% of the world's amputees live in developing countries. Only 2% have
access to prosthetics. La Cumbre aims to shift that percentage.
Women Who Fly: Catra Corbett (2:10)
Mad Hunter (8:08)
The Spring* (13:22)
Mountain Bike Meets Painting: Micayla Gatto's Intersection (4:19)
Blue* (4:00)
Director: Aly Nicklas
Female Director and Producer

Blue is a fantastical journey into a young girl’s imagination. Our character is a four-year-old
growing up in Valdez, Alaska. Fresh off training wheels, she begins to push her boundaries and explore what’s possible on her bike, her eyes naturally drifting to the mountains. We dive into the world of her fantasy and explore the mountains, glaciers and rivers of Valdez by fat bike with a crew of boundary-pushing female athletes hailing from Alaska and beyond.
Women Who Fly: Shirin (2:08)
Director: Joris Debeij
Female Director

HOKA ONE ONE Fan Shirin Gerami. Shirin–who is Iran's first female triathlete to compete in a world championship event - is part of our Women Who Fly series. These films follow three women who have all been defined by a life-changing event. Running has provided a new
perspective that has made it possible for these inspiring women to overcome their challenges and be stronger for it.
Director: Rush Sturges
Female Producer

French professional kayaker Nouria Newman sends big drops on California's Upper Cherry
Creek. Coupled with Sa Roc’s song “I Am Her”, Nouria’s strong persona and boss paddling are
exemplified as well as juxtaposed with narration from a 1950’s instructional “How to be A Good
This International Women's Day, we want to pay tribute to a woman's place...which is wherever the hell she wants it to be.
Director: Joris Debeij
Female Director

“Sitting in a jail cell made me realize this is my bottom, and I need to stop. And, I had to change
my life.” - HOKA Fan Catra Corbett. Catra is an ultrarunner, and she lives in Fremont,
California with her dachshund, Truman. She has raced over 250 ultra marathons and is a
prominent member of the ultra community.
Director: Roberto Nascimento
The story of Madeleine, a seven-year-old girl from Auckland, New Zealand and her journey to
be the top ranked BMX rider in her age group. Against old stereotypes of what is expected from a girl that age, Madeleine shows passion and focus beyond her young age–and incredible determination to become Number 1.
Director: Delaney Buffett
Female Writer, Producer, Director of Photography, Editor, Assistant Camera, Sound
A documentary short that explores the lives of the mermaids of Weeki Wachee Springs.
Director: Lacy Kemp
Female Director

Mountain biker and artist Micayla Gatto rides in and out of her own painted landscapes in
"Intersection" project. In athletic endeavors, there are often underlying attributes that provide afoundation for talent. Mental and physical strength are the obvious pillars, but there are other forces at work which help to build an individual athlete's style in their sport. For Micayla Gatto, a Canadian professional mountain biker, artistic creativity is the key that unlocks her unique approach to riding.
Couples* (14:14)
Director: Sandra Lahnsteiner
Female Director, Producer

With “Shades of Winter: COUPLES”, one of the short films Shades of Winter releases in fall 2018, creative producer Sandra Lahnsteiner (AUT) introduces a new aspect of her female action sport protagonists when Janina Kuzma (NZL), Julia Mancuso (USA) and herself bring along their spouses on a freeride trip into the wild mountains of British Columbia, Canada, for the first time ever. As professional athletes the ladies are constantly faced with the risks and challenges of backcountry skiing, overcoming vulnerability and fear, experiencing adrenaline rushes and absolute joy. But did they ever think how their spouses feel about them being out there in these wild mountains? Together, in “Shades of Winter: COUPLES” they all explore the Purcel & Selkirk range in Canada, BC, sharing the fun as well as the expertise and loads of big smiles.
April 2 -Click for Tickets
Show Starts At 7:30 / Doors Open at 6:45
ALL SEATING: $15.00 [$18.00 Day-of-Show]
(Prices include $3 Theatre Facility Fee)
Hip Hop Gone Wild* (7:44)
Female Director, Producer

Hip Hop may have originated in the streets, but it has a place in the wild. Both hip hop and the wild hold space for creative expression to be exercised liberally. Hip Hop is evolving, so is climbing and so are we. Becca Droz loves rock climbing for many of the same reasons that she love beatboxing and writing raps. They both connect her more deeply with others and with her truest self. They both help her think about death and feel more alive. The wild of the mountains
inspires her to create something beautiful.
Director: Renan Ozturk + Ben Ayers
Female Producer

Pasang Lhamu Sherpa Akita, Nepal’s leading female mountain guide, has been on top of the
tallest peaks on Earth. When she teams up to make a first ascent with an unlikely partner–local
punk-rock icon, Sareena Rai–they both find that the paths to the greatest summits lie within.
Mothered by Mountains (16:00)