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February 18 @ the Regent Theatre, Arlington, MA
February 20 @ the Somerville Theatre, Somerville, MA / Same Lineup
There will be a lot of volunteer opportunities...stay tuned... more on the way!
February 19 @ the Somerville Theatre, Somerville, MA
February 21 @ the Somerville Theatre, Somerville, MA / Same Lineup
For you Brave and Trusting Fans of the Festival... Tickets are now on sale!
The Regent Theatre - Tickets
The Somerville Theatre - Tickets
Tickets are $24 + Fees
I'm building the film schedule...
Here's the jist... 18 Films From the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, and Spain
Monday and Wednesday... 9 Films
4 Online Voting Audience "Favorite Films"
mountainbikeskiing?!... hmmm... mountains, barebackin'...Beavers...
trekkin', sailin', raftin',climbin', rocks, ropes.
.one woman's quest to climb all 82 of the 4000-metre peaks in the European Alps... in one year.
One 3 minute mountainbike, &...The Frenchy!
Tuesday and Thursday... 9 More Films
7 Online Voting Audience "Favorite Films"
Mountainbikin, Mongolian Migration, the Mama, the Daughter, Alaska and the British Columbias.
Backflippin', Cliff Jumpin'... the Tropics Underwater...More Skiing ,
A 97 year old Mountain Runner, BikePacking,
 and one unresolved decision... (working on it)
2 Parental Guidance Coarse Language Alerts! 1 Nudity Alert!!
4 Nights of Big Screen..
Wildness in the Wilderness!!
Beer and Wine Available at Both Venues... ( please drink responsibly)
Big Raffle... Great Sponsors, Reserved Seating, and... Indoor Plumbing!!
( I know...right! )
4 Parental Guidance Coarse Language Alerts!